Be outstanding, be a physicist.

1. A physicist is a firm believer of the God theory(the existence of God).

2. He is passionate about everything he does.

3. There is no giving up on is timetable.

4. He always remembers this quote “before you relinquish on a project, give a thought of why you started”.

5. He looks poor and he always sees laundry as the most hardest task.

6. If you ask him ” Sir, what’s your next move? He will tell you, I don’t have the slightest idea”.

7. He is too simple in his personal life, but the most complicated person when it comes to his work.

8. The physicist sees the world as it really is(a world of electromagnetic waves traveling in an uncomprehended human abilities) Comment if you need a brief explanation.

9. The physicist is a lover of all and a hater of many.

10. Smoking doesn’t matter to the physicist.
Please comment if you think both agreetive( don’t mind my grammar) or contradictive.

The infinite π